Month: September 2019

Rent a developer

We are pleased to announce that we have struck a deal with a digital firm to offer an entire team of up to 12 people for short term loan to our members. This is not a traditional contract, but a secondment programme under which you get 100% of their time and manage their work. Our partner in this venture is sapna group who are based in India which means the work will be carried out remotely. The company is well established and has undertaken many remote assignments for UK companies. The costs are considerably cheaper than hiring the UK, working out at roughly half the price.

The available team offers skills in PHP, Javscript, Linux, native apps, front end development, SEO and PPC..

The venture is the first of our novel loan schemes which are loosely based on the football player loans, enabling companies to loan out underutilised staff but get them back once the secondment is over. Find out more here.