Rent a developer

We are pleased to announce that we have struck a deal with a digital firm to offer an entire team of up to 12 people for short term loan to our members. This is not a traditional contract, but a secondment programme under which you get 100% of their time and manage their work. Our […]


Why we’re loving the plug and play economy

It used to be the case that being a freelancer meant you didn’t have a proper job. It was a status forced upon the redundant or those obliged to work from home because of children. Boy, how that has changed. Being a freelancer is now a positive career choice for millions of workers and the […]


Agency team transfer scheme launched

A novel staff transfer system which enables individuals or teams to swap agencies but later return to their employer has been launched by the virtual agency Pimento. It has been inspired by the football loan scheme which allows players to move to another club on a temporary basis. Under the scheme, agencies or in-house departments […]


Five reasons to hire freelancers

If your agency is making a new year’s resolution, then consider hiring more freelances. Here are five reasons why: You won’t be alone The gig economy is here to stay. According to the Creative Industries Federation, nearly half of workers in the UK’s creative industries are freelance compared with 15% across the workforce as a […]

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A freelance life is a smart choice

Leaving your job to go freelance is proving to be a smart career choice for thousands of self-employed consultants who claim to be working less and earning more.