Five reasons to hire freelancers

If your agency is making a new year’s resolution, then consider hiring more freelances. Here are five reasons why:

  1. You won’t be alone

The gig economy is here to stay. According to the Creative Industries Federation, nearly half of workers in the UK’s creative industries are freelance compared with 15% across the workforce as a whole. In 2016, the IPA’s member agencies alone hired a total of 1,727 temps and freelancers.

  • Changing shape of agencies

As agencies transform to meet the challenge of greater integration, different skills are needed. Hiring full time staff to deliver non-core services is an expensive and dangerous way of meeting demand. Bringing in a freelancer with the right skills lets you rapidly expand your skills sets without the risks associated with hiring a full-time employee.

  • Project work

As clients move away from long term retainers to more project-based work, agencies need to adopt more flexible staffing options. One month you’ll need extra developers to finish a project, the next month your focus will be on social media. To have all these skills in-house, will inevitably lead to long periods of underutilisation and have a damaging impact on the bottom line.

  • Fresh air

Freelancers introduce new ideas and new way of working. It’s a fact that many of the best ideas come from outside the organisation as being too close to a subject can blur your vision.

  • Costs

With no NI, pension contributions or holiday and sick pay, freelancers can work out a lot cheaper to hire. Fixed costs come down too, with no desks or computers to provide.

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